Please tell us if you would like to contact you by: Products always delivered on time, extremely reliable. We have been using this company for several years for our office security equipment, and we couldn’t be happier with their customer service. This includes a free replacement for any printhead damaged over the lifetime of the warranty. This ribbon is compatible with the Prima 4 ID Card printer. The process works like this: Please provide us with some details below to receive your free information brochure‚Ķ.

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Using a retransfer printing process, images are first printed onto a thin film then heat primw onto the card surface. Telephone support, full printhead coverage and loaner service.


Essentra requires this information from you to provide you with the products and services magicard prima 4 order and to manage your account. This allows for numerous additional card options since the overlay and image quality is not affected by physical items on the card, such as a proximity chip.

A special magicard prima 4 sublimation Ultra Violet UV ribbon can be used with the Prima 4 for the printing of invisible photographs, logos, text or symbols when issuing high security cards.

Description Specification Additional information Description The Prima 4 printers reverse transfer printing technology delivers superb print quality and is the ideal choice for printing technology embedded cards, magicrad well as high volume batch printing.


Prima 4 retransfer ID card printer

Super company – Michael was so helpful and efficient in helping me complete a rather urgent request. The image is printed direct to the card from the ribbon, passing under the print head multiple times to build up colours. Update me with the latest magicard prima 4 from Barcodes Inc.

The reverse transfer film requires a Magicard printer with reverse transfer print technology. Your details will only be used by Essentra. This process protects the image from the magicard prima 4 damage and produces a brilliant edge-to-edge image with superb registration and clarity. In the unlikely event of a field failure, we will overnight a magicard prima 4 loan magicarv to you whilst we repair your existing device.

In comparison, dye sublimation printers transfer the dyes directly onto the card surface using thermal transfer dye diffusion technology, followed by a thin acrylic varnish.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. Use the icons to learn more about the printer features: Contact Card A card magicarc a physical metal chip on the surface of the card, which is inserted into a reader. The image is printed magicard prima 4 to the film, which is then applied to the surface of the card.

Download Magicard Prima 4 Driver

The advantages of Reverse Transfer technology are: The image is printed onto the card by liquid ink. Please provide us with your details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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They are extremely reliable, and they’ve always gone the extra mile to help resolve all our queries. We and other companies in the Essentra Group will only use it to market magidard you if you allow us to. Combi-encoding The printer will magicard prima 4 contact and contactless cards. Excellent communication, extremely friendly and professional, super quick deliveries, couldn’t fault them on anything. Reviews 0 Write a review.

Delivery is on always on magicard prima 4 and feedback given along the way.

magicard prima 4 The staff was really kind and helpful glad to have kind magicaed like this. The printer can be connected to a network via an Ethernet connection, for printer sharing.

This produces a high resolution glossy image, printed right over the edge of the card. Excellent service from Michael Dee, professional, friendly and helpful, would highly recommend Essentra based magicadd my experience magicard prima 4 him.

We will never give you information to other organisations to use for their purposes. They always go that extra mile to make sure I have everything I need.