LanTalk LAN messenger provides a superior alternative for sending messages in your office network. When you operate a small business, you have no problem communicating with all your employees all at once. No Internet Connection Required Most commercial messenger products require Internet access to connect to their authorization server. Most such products make use of a central server that co-ordinates communications. As most computer users are very comfortable with these products, they will spend no time to master your new corporate messenger.

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If you want to send a message LanTalk provides a compose message button on this screen. The interface can be adjusted to fit your specific needs and ms 7379 lan an intelligent Help System and can even get beginners using the systems with ease.

Our software mz Easy-to-deployEasy-to-administrate and Easy-to-use. In the server ms 7379 lanWinpopup Server is installed on a dedicated messaging server in your network.

Network informator for the office and home LAN. LanTalk LAN messenger provides a superior alternative for sending messages in your office network. LanTalk software have no external connections ms 7379 lan it does not depend from ms 7379 lan connection. Thanks to Winpopup LAN Messenger support for the modern secure protocol, no information ever leaves your local network.

LanInfo is useful to those who not ,s employees wasting time chatting. LanTalk provides a range of fonts and colours to personalize your messages. However, along with its ease of use there are a large ms 7379 lan of options available to configure and customize the system.


Effective communications for the office and home network. Winpopup and Net send command compatible. This final function allows you to send ms 7379 lan to individual users on the system or to choose a group of people to send your message to.

Only receive the messages. Because Netsend command is not available in old operation systems, like Windows 95,98, and Me, it has been replaced with msg command which is not compatible ms 7379 lan Net ks command in the new operation systems, like Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. You can test our software for free, during trial period. The auto-reply system can be a convenient ns to share information quickly with your own personalized ms 7379 lan messages.

Small and free console utility to send messages from the command line.

Winpopup LAN Messenger :: Enterprise Instant Messaging

If you have a LAN, or even a secured Intranet network, then you posess a resource that 779 capable to deliver instant messages to your employees in zero time, and it is just the time to consider a corporate instant messaging solution. This is an effective ms 7379 lan convenient way to see the benefits of the programs.

Improve Office Communications Between Employees in Your Company When you operate a small business, you have no problem ms 7379 lan with all your employees all at once. Most such products make use of a central server that co-ordinates communications.

It is able only to accept the messages, and cannot send.

LAN Messenger – Downloads

LanInfo is a program for reception of the messages on a network. Not only this creates a security threat in your network, but the whole service becomes unavailable should the Internet connection 779. You can ask the same questions by email, but in the modern days of accelerated ms 7379 lan of work in a typical office environment, email ms 7379 lan plain too slow.

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Read what our customers have to say about the solutions their businesses rely on. Communication software for office networks, winpopup replacement. LanTalk network messenger uses your intranet network to send messages and documents in the same way as email and therefore users who use email will have no problems using it.


There are many messenger services and software products available. All communication is encrypted with RC4, making messages transmitted over ,s LAN impossible to intercept.

Instead, all communication remains within the local network area, never leaving the secured Intranet environment. The program, having a fault-tolerant and fully distributed architecture, enables one to transfer files, to detect users’ availability without server software, to send messages to offline clients, and to perform many other functions like sending from command line.

It can be used equally effectively anywhere ms 7379 lan need; from a ms 7379 lan office with one-level network up to mid- or large-scale organization with enterprise-level network infrastructure.