This article contrasts the organizational approach used by open source database driver providers with DataDirect’s industry-leading, database connectivity solutions, which are production viable and commercially supported. This process should be concerning to an organization that is considering using an open source database driver, because it greatly increases the chance that the product contains suspect code. The remainder of this article addresses the product-quality issues, unreliable technical support, and legal risk associated with using an open source database driver. DataDirect Database Drivers Open Source Database Drivers Customer Impact Massive product breadth based on complete support for the specification, robust support for optional features, and extensive support for abilities that complement the specification. For instance, printing systems often include functionality to provide spooling functionality on top of the drivers, providing print spooling for any supported printer. In addition, these commercial ventures institute a rigorous methodology that greatly reduces the likelihood of plagiarized code or patent-related violations.

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While ODBC is certainly excellent at what it does and in open source odbc situations can perform a lot faster and more efficiently than other options, it is somewhat outdated by the rise of MySQL.

For instance, a DBMS that does not support cursors can emulate this functionality in the driver.

The open source project provides no open source odbc of how or whether final tests were executed, how the code base was locked down, and so on. This effort reduces the amount of time dedicated to strategic projects that clearly drive the success of the business venture.

But in essence, all Open source odbc drivers are born more or less equal. To address these shortcomings, many larger, infrastructure-level projects have turned to consortiums or commercial ventures to provide the resources for enterprise-class deployments.

ODBC concepts — turbodbc latest documentation

The remainder of this article addresses the product-quality issues, unreliable technical support, and legal risk associated with using an odbd source database driver. This perception is driven in part by the threat of litigation. Organizations that rely on open source database drivers are assuming risks that can easily disrupt their business practices. Retrieved 13 December Their Data Access Language became an important way of working with databases for Open source odbc users and the Cupertino firm had its sights open source odbc set on dominating the market.

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Read the Docs v: If a judge or jury rules that software has been “combined” with an LGPL component, the software is subject to terms open source odbc the open source license.

Legal Indemnification is a open source odbc requirement when dealing with software acquired from an external source. One of the early examples of such a system was Lotus Development ‘s DataLensinitially known as Blueprint. In addition to license complexity, another important factor when considering using open source software is the business or organizational model used by the software project.

By the mids the rapid improvement ovbc microcomputers, and especially the introduction of the graphical soruce interface and data-rich application programs like Lotus led to an increasing interest in using personal computers as the client-side platform of choice in client-server computing.


In addition, a KnowledgeBase, consisting of over 1, articles on database middleware topics, is available online. In addition, DataDirect’s product is legally protected by a substantial number of patents as well as open source odbc patents. If an organization is careless about their implementation for example, they link the code instead of implementing the driver as a separate and discrete open source odbca legal argument can be made that the ISV’s entire product is a derived work, subject to release under the LPGL.

The introduction of SQL aimed to solve the problem of language standardization, although substantial differences in implementation remained.

History of ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) from the Open Database

Although this may open source odbc farfetched, this is the exact scenario that is currently happening with SCO and Linux. Microsoft APIs and frameworks. Either way, the organization is responsible for additional work and must ensure that they follow the proper procedures to comply with the license terms.

Because more and more people are using mobile and touch-pad devices to access the Internet these days, it is far more efficient open source odbc programmers to use a universal code that works on every device instead of betting that users will only use one.

In the case of ODBC, the drivers encapsulate many functions that can be broken down into several broad categories.

SupportLink ConnectLab allows you to test your applications and products against most platforms and databases. Although it may seem relatively simple, an organization must implement zource enforce rules open source odbc regulations to ensure that the code stays internal.


An ODBC driver can be thought of as analogous to a printer open source odbc or other driver, providing a standard sourxe of functions for the application to use, and implementing DBMS-specific functionality. In fact, when the aggregate costs involved in the project are considered technical support, development and quality assurance cost, increased end-user satisfaction based on performance, driver reliability, business risk from the legal issues involving the open source license, and so onthe Soudce driver has proven time and again to be the most cost-effective data connectivity alternative available today.

Why Open Source Database Drivers Are Not Viable

The following table clearly states the advantages provided by DataDirect and the risks associated with using an open source database driver. The public stigma associated with legal proceedings can also be extremely damaging. Although these advantages to open source odbc limited degree have been realized in large, complex components, such as operating systems and application servers with large and active open source communities, the critical mass necessary to realize these benefits in an open source database driver simply does not exist.

This introduces a major concern given the lack of due diligence applied to code check-ins and the lack of rigor involved in an open source project’s testing methodology.

Some of open source odbc were mainframe related, designed to allow programs running on those machines to translate between the variety of SQL’s and provide a single common interface which could then be called by other mainframe or microcomputer programs.

Open source odbc provides award-winning technical support that includes phone, email, and Web-based support.

Perhaps more importantly, implementing and enforcing the policies and procedures and the additional development open source odbc associated with an open source solution forces an organization to reduce their focus on their core competency and development efforts that provide their business with a competitive advantage.