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It hardly happens to everyone who's partnered up, but some people who are married feel their social lives have gotten into a rut and that they have a harder time making new friends. Sometimes just one member of the couple feels a bit lonely, while at other times both partners wonder why they can't seem to get a social life going. There are a lot of factors that can come together to make this happen, and lend support to the idea that it really is harder to make friends after your 20's.

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Advice abounds for people who just tied the knot, and to some degree, hearing about the experiences of others can be helpful. But too often, friends and family members make awkward, embarrassing, or downright annoying comments to newlyweds. Here are the 10 things to stop saying to your newly married friends, and why. Friends of mine joke about married life being exactly like unmarried life, minus the wedding planning. But when putting a bride or groom on the spot in this way adds some extra pressure. PSA to everyone: stop asking anyone this question, ever.

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Spouses are generally busier with their obligations and responsibilities. Having kids, a career, and a marriage is more challenging compared to what a younger adult or college student deals with on a daily basis. Often times, people think finding your perfect other half is the most challenging thing. However, sometimes it can be finding another couple with similar interests to hangout with.

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Hosting a dinner party is the ultimate way to allow friendships to grow. You can host a party with other married couples who are at your same church, kids sporting events, or even work.

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Ask them to invite other couples that you may slightly know or maybe not know at all who would enjoy a dinner. This can allow you to meet new people without the pressure of being one on one for the first time. The ice is already broken, and you already have something in common your mutual friend.

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Trusting your friends suggestions of good company can widen your circle of friends. FriendZone is an application created to bring like-minded people together.

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This app helps you find people who have similar interests as you. If you and your spouse want to find someone to go hiking with, this app matches you with people who also enjoy hiking. Then you can create group chats with people who all want to go hiking together.

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Meeting new people is stimulating as a couple and can help you become more comfortable with meeting other partners. You can download the application now. Getting involved can be quite easy!

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When you a activity or event, you instantly know a group of people with similar interests as you. This can be a great way you and your spouse can stay active and involved in your community.

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You can invite other married friends to get involved to help start easy conversations with others. Another option can be to even start your own event and have informal meet ups to make new friends.

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You could start a book club and have couples over for some appetizers and wine to make it less forced. Privacy Policy Cookies Policy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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