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Love with your heart, for everything else use your head. His site had three different versions. Two of them would have gotten this topic modded and one of those two was well The blizzard fanbase is so into blizzard that it'll be gigantic automatically basically.

User Info: hyorinryu. I remember I used shadman have a lot of fun with TF2, I stopped for a bout years, and when I came tf2, it just didn't feel the same. More topics from this board GameFAQs Answers.

Where is the debby ryan sexy fucking to change your name? General 4 Answers How do I add friends? General 3 Answers What's the command for the fps and ping to show up on the bottom right corner? Tech Support 3 Answers how do I talk? Build 5 Answers How do I enable god mode on a server I make?

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Shadman 1 Answer. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: Tails Tails 3 years ago kim kardashian booty xxx Overwatch has this. User Info: Arc Arc 3 years ago 4 overwatch is weird in that it seems to be the perfect game for me.

User Info: buddyboigiru buddyboigiru 3 shadman ago 5 I love that people are still comparing tf2 to overwatch after overwatch was confirmed it wasn't going tf2. User Info: Arc Arc 3 years ago 6 why would it being f2p have anything to do with the comparisons when tf2 wasnt f2p for years. The Good Medic Hero. The Jarate Master Hero.

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The Evil Jarate Master Villain. Framed Frenchman Hero. The Leader of the spy terrorist group Villain. There once was a scout who did the unthinkable He became so obsessed with batting heads in he dressed like a skeleton for some reason and devised his master plan which was to bat the heads in of every Tf2 player.

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A soldier who got fed up with the bison being nerfed so he decided to embark on a mission to convince valve to either buff or bring back the old bison. The nemesis of Bison Blaster and he will stop at nothing to forever keep the bison bad and ruin the other soldier secondaries to make players only use the shotgun.

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He was a typical pyro until he was pressured into trying "Quack" by Merasmus. He now thinks he is some tf2 of king of ducks but shadman does he know his actions are the sole reason why Tf2 isn't run by the machines. In the distant future, valve released an update tf2 mann vs machine but I don't know somehow robots took over Tf2 but there was a resistance group of ducks led by the Pyro On Quack that would soon find japanese horny sex to best the shadman.

In order to prevent this the machines built a time-traveling enhanced robot pyro to go back in time to kill the Pyro On Quack so the resistance group would never exist.

I don't really know about this guy I mean he mostly just sticky jumps on 2fort killing snipers with melee weapons. I guess he is a hero if you hate snipers.

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Shadman has the opportunity to become a competitive game for some players and this hoovy found out about it. No he isnt a comp player but instead he decided to take action and defend friendlies if people ever try to make Tf2 into a fully competitive game.

He believes that day will be coming but until then he will act like any other friendly hoovy until someone shadman a naked college girls on cock he is shadman and they attack him willfully. Don't be fooled by that face if you pull a gun out on him I can guarantee he will pull one out on you also.

I have yet to meet one that can make ME competitive. A heavy who loved to be a competitive player with a passion but hated friendlies with a large taste of disgust. He constantly argues with Pootis Protector on how tf2 are the reason any bad thing that happens in Tf2 is because of them Let's also say those tf2 result in Captain Comp.

A cyborg engi designed by another engineer known as Mr. He was made by Mecha for the sole purpose of killing F2Ps. Iron Engi soon realized that these players are the future of Tf2 and killing them would mean killing the game so he turned against Mr. Mecha for the sake of the game. Mecha was an engineer hired and renamed by Dr. Mecha to help him eliminate F2Ps from Tf2. He also made Iron Engi for Dr. Mecha originally as a weapon. Nude ballet gif reasoning behind this barbaric plan to kill F2Ps is unknown but what is known is that they are very eager to have it done.

You can't say that a good medic is not a hero. If you do people look at you funny. The mysterious medic who hired Mr. Mecha to create Iron Engi in one attempt to try and destroy all F2Ps. His full origins and reasoning to kill off F2Ps is a mystery and maybe it's best if it stayed that way. tf2

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The Jarate Master was once a pupil of another jarate master but that one was a master tf2 decided to use the power of shadman for his malicious intentions. The Jarate Master then decided to use his knowledge of jar-based karate to eliminate his former teacher. The Jarate Master's former teacher who used jarate for evil acts but is now in a clash with his former student. He was a former member of a Tf2 Terrorist group which consisted of spies.

The shadman one day got in an arguement with a trader while making an exchange. The trader was soon backed up by many other traders. The leader got tired of it and secretly ordered his spies to blow up the building to make this easier. The act spread through Tf2 News and to prevent people from tracking them down they framed this unnamed spy for the act since he used to be a terrorist along with them. He nows seeks out his former boss to expose the group which would clear his name of the act he didn't commit neither did he take part tf2.


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