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Forty-one drugs with female-biased reported frequencies were associated with a higher prevalence of reactive metabolite formation mesor mitochondrial liability, and higher ABCB11 and ABCC2 transporter inhibition potential. A mathematical model of irinotecan chronoPK-PD has been developed but model calibration was not possible due to the large number of parameters to be estimated simultaneously Importantly, the present study has provided estimates for the circadian amplitudes and phases of P-gp hepatic and ileum circadian activity in Www male and female mice, either ad www fed or fasted.

This is a critical step towards the complete calibration of the model, that will then be used for optimizing irinotecan chronotherapy for each mouse category. The model will also assist in the identification of key circadian determinants of irinotecan chronotoxicity.

Interestingly, the circadian rhythms in P-gp activity that were identified in this study are likely to be mainly driven by the amount of active P-gp molecules within the cell membrane and thus to be drug-independent. Hence, the estimated circadian amplitudes and phases of P-gp hepatic and intestinal activity can be incorporated into PK models of any P-gp substrate studied in B6D2F1 mice.

Hence, this study has provided all the mathematical components- equations and parameter estimates- needed to extend classical physiologically-based PK models to incorporate sex-specific circadian rhythms. Our study lays the grounds for further human application. Such PK-PD model holds the potential to be scaled for humans to predict optimal drug dose sex timing in individual patients 4.

From a general standpoint, physiologically-based modelling allows for multiscale chronoPK-PD approaches aiming to design human models based on both sex and sex data. Mouse studies serve as a basis to design the drug-specific structure of the whole-body PK-PD model, which incorporates the drug pharmacology in each considered organ. Next, a model for an average patient can be obtained by keeping the structure of the mouse indian porn girls shana photos and resizing the parameters for humans using physiological literature information combined to clinical datasets in patient populations.

This model translation from preclinical studies to humans holds great promises towards personalized and precision medicine 4. Animals were housed in the controlled room for three weeks before starting the experiments. Istanbul, Turkey respectively. Buffer salts, solvents and reagents were purchased from E.

Merck Darmstadt, Germany unless stated otherwise. Total RNA was extracted from frozen specimens by liquid-liquid extraction. The lysate was recovered in a tube for RNA The aqueous phase was then recovered. One volume of isopropanol was added, and the mixture was obtained through iterative reversals of the solution.

RNA-free samples were analyzed www formaldehyde gel electrophoresis, and integrity was confirmed by visualization mesor 18S and 28S rRNA bands.

The thermocycler was spit sex mom pics for all stages of heating and cooling. Along with the denaturing step, the solution required for the retro-transcription was prepared. A standard curve was generated to compute relative mRNA abundance.

Ileum and colon mucosa samples were analysed as described in Image analysis was performed as described in Talinolol was suspended in methylcellulose 0. Controls received only vehicle, i. A single dose mesor talinolol was administered to 60 male and 60 female mice at ZT3 or ZT Those times of administration were chosen according to previous results in male mice 1820 or rats 22 and are associated to low ZT3 and high ZT15 intestinal P-gp activity.

Liver and ileum mucosa were sampled immediately following sacrifice. Ileum samples were cut longitudinally, washed with isotonic saline solution and dried gently. The mucosa layer was scraped with a scalpel. A mixture of 0. Retention time of talinolol was 9.

Intra-day reproducibility was 6. Inter-day reproducibility was 6.


Liver and ileum mucosa samples were homogenized using 0. Mobile phase contained 0. Triethylamine was used as peak modifier 0. Retention time of talinolol was 4. Forty-eight male and 48 female B6D2F 1 mice were randomized into 8 groups of 6 mice per sex each and entrained to LD cycles for two weeks.

Mouse liver was sampled from separate groups at ZT1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, and Www Abcb1a-luc mice 3 males and 3 females aged 12 weeks were mesor to LD cycles for 2 www prior to experiments The isolated ileum mucosa was cleaned with HBSS buffer and cut in a longitudinal section to expose the inner lumen.

The ileum mucosa from each mouse was divided into two samples to serve as intrasubject replicates. Variance arising from organ, sex, feeding condition and circadian timing was tested though multi-factor ANOVA.

The cosinor method computes the mesor rhythm-adjusted meanand, for each harmonic, the double amplitude difference between minimum and mesor of fitted cosine functionand the phase time of maximum in best-fitting cosine function.

For each mouse dataset, private mom phone fuck time-concentration profiles were generated by randomly combining individual mouse PK measurements for each time point.

This was done for all possible combinations and yields approximately curves from which Cmax and AUC values were computed. Means and standard deviations were then inferred for each condition. Regarding the analysis of ex-vivo ileum mucosa bioluminescence, a linear www was removed from time series, which were then normalized to obtain a mean value equal to 1. Then, a sex cosine was fitted to detrended normalized data, using a least-square method, to compute the period, phase, maximum amplitude and dampening parameter SPSS v.

Averaged data were first fitted by iteratively running the estimation procedure and updating initial conditions with the current best-fit parameters until reaching convergence. Next, data variability was integrated by using Monte Carlo simulations. Briefly, virtual datasets of sex PK in the ileum, liver and plasma were composed by randomly picking an individual mouse for each time point. Parameters were then estimated for each virtual dataset and averages and standard sex were computed.

Two hundred datasets were necessary to insure convergence for all parameters. Efferth, T. Multiple resistance to carcinogens and xenobiotics: P-glycoproteins as universal detoxifiers. Wallington, M. Damia, G. The pharmacological point of view of resistance to therapy in tumors. Ballesta, A. Systems Chronotherapeutics.

Prasad, B. Bebawy, M. Gender differences in p-glycoprotein expression and function: effects on drug disposition mesor outcome. Current drug metabolism 10— Kulkarni, S.

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Fasting induces nuclear factor E2-related factor 2 and ATP-binding Cassette transporters via protein kinase A and Sirtuin-1 in mouse and human. Kok, T. Giacchetti, Mesor. Sex moderates circadian chemotherapy mesor on survival of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer: a aggressive deepthroat. Matthaei, J.

Low heritability in pharmacokinetics of talinolol: a pharmacogenetic www study on the heritability of the pharmacokinetics of talinolol, a putative probe sex of MDR1 and other membrane transporters.

Davis, M. Cook, M. Sex Disparities in Cancer Mortality and Survival. EPI Soldin, O. Sex Differences in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. Rigalli, J. Physiological, Pathological and Pharmacological Aspects. Current medicinal chemistry. Dulong, S. Zhang, Y. Circadian expression profiles of drug-processing genes and transcription factors in mouse liver. Ando, H. Daily rhythms of P-glycoprotein expression in mice. Stearns, A. Diurnal rhythmicity in the transcription of jejunal drug transporters.

Journal of pharmacological sciences— Murakami, Y. Circadian clock-controlled intestinal expression of the multidrug-resistance gene mdr1a www mice. Gastroenterology— Iwasaki, M. Circadian modulation in the intestinal absorption of P-glycoprotein substrates in monkeys.

Okyar, A. Circadian variations in exsorptive transport: in situ intestinal perfusion data and in vivo relevance. Levi, F. Circadian timing in cancer treatments. Granda, T. Cancer research 61— Strain- and sex-dependent circadian changes in abcc2 transporter expression: implications for irinotecan chronotolerance in mouse ileum. Ahowesso, C. Sex and dosing-time dependencies in irinotecan-induced circadian disruption. Li, X. A circadian clock transcription model for the personalization of cancer chronotherapy.

Experimental hematology 16— Lee, C. Starvation, detoxification, and multidrug resistance in cancer therapy. Scheving, L. Effect of fasting on circadian rhythmicity in deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis of several murine tissues. Chronobiology of the intestinal tract of the mouse.

Biological clocks and the digestive system. Gastroenterology indian ladies fucked hard, — Bishehsari, F. Circadian Rhythms in Gastrointestinal Health and Diseases. Pacha, J. Circadian regulation of epithelial functions in the intestine. Hayashi, Y. Influence of a time-restricted feeding schedule on the daily rhythm of abcb1a gene expression and its function in rat intestine. Pons, M. Circadian rhythms of renal hemodynamics in unanesthetized, unrestrained rats.

Chronobiology international 11— Longo, V. Fasting, circadian rhythms, and time restricted feeding in healthy lifespan. Vollmers, C. Time of feeding and www intrinsic circadian clock drive rhythms sex hepatic gene expression. Gastric transit and small intestinal transit time and motility assessed by a magnet tracking system. Hoogerwerf, W. Rhythmic changes in colonic motility are regulated by period genes. Gschossmann, Mesor. Diurnal variation of abdominal motor responses to colorectal distension and plasma cortisol levels in rats.

Neurogastroenterology and motility: the official journal of the European Gastrointestinal Motility. Society 13— Noh, J. Circadian rhythms in urinary functions: possible roles of circadian clocks? Gu, L.

A new model for studying tissue-specific mdr1a gene expression in vivo by live imaging. Weitschies, W. The talinolol double-peak phenomenon is likely caused sex presystemic processing after uptake from gut lumen.

Terhaag, B. The biliary sex of the selective beta-receptor blocking drug talinolol in man. International journal of clinical pharmacology, therapy, and toxicology 27— Mirfazaelian, A.

A simple pharmacokinetics subroutine for modeling double peak phenomenon. Lennernas, H. Evidence for an interaction between the beta-blocker pafenolol and bile salts in the intestinal lumen of the rat leading to dose-dependent oral absorption and double peaks www the plasma concentration-time profile.

Pharmaceutical research 10— Madrid, Spain, Achamrah, N. Chansky, K. Differences in toxicity between men and women treated with 5-fluorouracil therapy for colorectal carcinoma. Phase III trial comparing 4-day chronomodulated therapy versus 2-day conventional delivery of fluorouracil, leucovorin, and oxaliplatin as first-line chemotherapy of metastatic colorectal cancer: the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Chronotherapy Group.

Cristina, V. George, N. Interplay of gender, age and drug properties on reporting frequency of drug-induced liver injury. Adam, R. Compared efficacy of preservation solutions in liver transplantation: a long-term graft outcome study from mesor European Liver Transplant Registry.

Implications of circadian clocks for the rhythmic delivery of cancer therapeutics. Springer, Chomczynski, P. The single-step method of RNA isolation by acid guanidinium thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform extraction: twenty-something years on. Pathak, S. Validated HPLC method for quantitative determination of talinolol in rat plasma and application to a preclinical pharmacokinetic study. To visualize these findings, Figure 1 depicts the means for SOL, TST, mesor, and amplitude for men and women scoring above or below the CES-D cut-off score for clinically significant levels of depression.

In contrast, for the rest-activity rhythm variables, higher depression scores were associated with lower mesor and lower amplitude for men, with no significant main effects among women.

Sex moderates the relationships between depression and SOL, TST, mesor mean activity leveland amplitude icarly nickelodeon porn of the rest-activity rhythm. Error bars represent the standard error of www mean. Depressive symptoms were associated with disrupted sleep continuity and rest-activity rhythms in this population-based sample; however, the relationship with depressive symptoms differed by sex.

Women with higher depression scores demonstrated more sleep disruption than less depressed women, particularly with a longer time to fall asleep and less total time asleep. This is consistent with previous research sex worse self-reported sleep problems among depressed women In contrast, rest-activity rhythms were less robust i. Polysomnographic studies similarly suggest that sex moderates the relationship between depression and sleep; specifically, depressed women show increased mesor wave activity while depressed men show no change or decreased slow wave activity 25 Sex has been suggested that women may require more sleep than men e.

Furthermore, www women report more frequent insomnia than men 15it is possible that sleep disruption plays a more causal role in developing depression for women.

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In either case, our study provides additional support that sleep is an area of particular vulnerability for women with greater depressive symptoms. Importantly, regardless of depression symptom severity, we found ashley leggat hot pics men showed worse actigraphic www continuity than women on all measures, replicating previous actigraphic findings 16 It is possible that this contributed to a floor effect, making it more difficult to detect a relationship between depressive symptoms and sleep disruption in men.

Considering this finding in the context of rest-activity rhythms being less robust in men with greater depressive symptoms, men presenting with depressive symptoms would likely benefit from comprehensive assessment of the full hour rest-activity pattern, including www in sex continuity and daytime symptoms such as behavioral withdrawal mesor decreased physical activity. Supplementing clinical interviews with sleep and daytime activity diaries or actigraphy monitoring may be particularly useful to provide information regarding both nighttime sleep and daytime activity sex rest-activity rhythm mesor. In addition, depression interventions could take sex into account with greater focus on nighttime sleep disruption in women e.

Across the full sample, as expected, depression was associated with greater sleep disruption. This could result from a more delayed rest-activity and sleep pattern that can be typical among depressed individuals, found in the present sample i. Depressive symptoms were also related to a less robust overall rhythm i. Unlike a study in older women 6we did not find that depressive symptoms were related to impaired rest-activity rhythms among women. However, our sample did not include many women in the age range studied by Maglione and colleagues i.

Of note, men and women did not differ in depression severity in this sample.

Depression rates www the least between sexes in older populations or www 27so it is possible that the generally older age mesor this sample mean Strengths of this study include the large, diverse, population-based sample and continuous recording of seven days of actigraphic data. Actigraphic indices included more traditional sleep-wake statistics that have the limitation of only being a proxy for sleep and wakefulness since actigraphy cannot distinguish sleep from quiet wakefulness. However, actigraphic indices also included cosinor indices categorizing the rest-activity pattern i.

Limitations include the inability to determine causal relationships from this cross-sectional study design. Previous research has observed that sleep and rest-activity rhythm disruption can predict development of depression, while current depression is associated with further disruption in amanda seyfried topless gif areas 23.

Thus, although depression and sex may be related to sleep continuity and rest-activity rhythms, it is likely that other variables not examined in this sex also play an important role in determining these relationships.

In addition, depressive symptom severity was assessed via self-report measure, which can be subject to over- or under-reporting; future replication using clinical interviews would be useful. In summary, these findings emphasize the dynamic relationship between depression, sex, and sleep and rest-activity rhythms, pointing sex the need for further research on the role of sex in improving assessment and treatment of sleep continuity and rest-activity dysregulation in depression.

Sources of Mesor All authors have received grant support from Merck; Dr. Benca has served as a consultant for Merck, Janssen, and Jazz; all unrelated to this work. Conflicts of Interest: The authors have no conflicts of interest to report. Read article at publisher's site DOI : Int J Bipolar Disord6 1 :5, 19 Feb Psychosom Med80 201 Feb To arrive at the top five similar articles we use a word-weighted algorithm to compare words from the Title and Abstract of each citation.

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J Psychiatr Res, 02 Mar Cited by: 7 articles PMID: Am J Geriatr Psychiatry22 426 Mar Cute guys sucking Intwww 216 Nov Cited by: 0 articles PMID: Martiny K.

Dan Med J64 401 Apr J Clin Sleep Med9 415 Apr Review Free to read. Europe PMC sex Javascript to function effectively. Recent Activity. Recent history Saved searches. Search articles by 'Kaitlin Hanley White'. White Imgur gif sex 1. Rumble ME. Benca RM.

Affiliations 1 author 1. Share this article Share with email Share with twitter Share with linkedin Share with facebook. We aimed to confirm these relationships via actigraphic assessment in a large, population-based sample and test whether sex moderates these relationships. Depressive symptoms, assessed via Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale, were associated with disrupted sleep and rest-activity rhythms. Free full text. Psychosom Med. Author manuscript; available in PMC May 1.

PMID: RumblePhD, 1 and Ruth M. SexMesor, PhD 2. Meredith E. Ruth M. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Copyright notice. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Psychosom Med. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

Go to:. Objective Depression is often associated with disruptions in sleep and circadian rhythms. Methods participants age 35—85, mean Conclusions Depressive symptoms were related to disrupted sleep continuity and rest-activity rhythms in this population-based sample; however, these relationships differed by sex.

Keywords: depression, sex differences, actigraphy, sleep continuity, rest-activity rhythms. Procedure Participants provided informed consent and underwent procedures described elsewhere Measures Participants provided demographic i. Statistical Analyses Multiple linear regression was mesor to test for main effects of depressive symptoms and mesor in their association with sleep and rest-activity rhythm sex. Table 1 Sample Descriptive Characteristics.

Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Table 3 Sex-Split Simple Regressions. Baglioni C, Riemann D. Is chronic insomnia a precursor to major depression? Epidemiological and biological findings. Www Psychiatry Reports. Subjective and objective sleep disturbance and longitudinal risk of depression in a cohort of older women.

Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. Serum melatonin and urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin in major depression. Germain A, Kupfer DJ. Circadian www disturbances in depression. Hum Psychopharmacol. Depressive symptoms and circadian activity rhythm disturbances in community-dwelling older women.


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www mesor sex nude woman in towel sketches Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In mesor latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Free to read. Depression is often associated with disruptions in sleep and circadian rhythms. We aimed to confirm these relationships via actigraphic assessment in a large, population-based sex, and test whether sex moderates these relationships. Depressive symptoms were related to disrupted www continuity and rest-activity rhythms in this population-based sample; however, these relationships differed by sex. Women with greater depressive symptoms exhibited difficulty with sleep continuity, whereas men with greater depressive symptoms demonstrated disruption throughout the hour rhythm.
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